We're Virtual Minds,

a collection of passionate business strategists, marketers, trend hunters, and new business developers who understand the art of offering great client experiences.

Business Meeting

Business & Marketing Strategy

Our team partners with clients to help them grow their business by developing smart strategies, plans and solutions. We offer a diverse range of services - global business strategies, brand positioning, marketing plans, content management, targeted sales plans, and designing brand experiences and events - virtually and in-real-life. We're here for you to offer that extra thinking power. 

Strategic Workshops, Journey Mapping & Ideation Sessions

Need to rethink your business strategy, marketing tactics or event experiences?

We love designing and facilitating strategic workshops, customer journey mapping and ideation sessions to unlock innovative ideas and solutions. Let's explore together the unimagined opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Trends, Insights & Consumer Behaviors

We "connect the dots" and constantly study the non-obvious trends and everyday human behaviors. We offer customized trend reports and presentations focused on clients' industry, competitive intelligence, sales trends, event attendee insights and the latest in consumer behaviors. If you're curious like us and want a curated POV on what's new, noteworthy and non-obvious, our reports can help you think differently to innovate and become leading edge.

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